Our mission is to restore the St. Regis Mountain Fire Tower for safe public access while developing an educational and interpretive program that promotes the historic and cultural values of the St. Regis Mountain Fire Tower, the NYS Fire Tower Network and the Adirondack Preserve.


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The drawing was 9/1/18 during the "Lighting of the Tower"



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Our Centennial Celebration was held on August 5, 2018 - and was a huge success.

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The drawing took place at the Lake Clear Lodge on September 1, 2018 during the "Lighting of the Tower" (in menu above: tower/lighting of the tower).  It was a spectacular lighting - and a wonderful gathering at the lodge. Go to the Raffle page to find out who the winners were..

The cross braces have been galvanized. They will be delivered to DEC Saranac Inn Maintenance Center Thursday, 8/23/18. The next steps are coordinating schedules with flights, Forest Rangers, and the contractor.
Things are looking good!! Keep checking here and our Facebook page for pictures and updates! See our Restoration page.




See our restoration work - from the beginning to now. Last update: 8/1/18.


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Updated 8/14/18