Board of Directors

The Friends of St. Regis Fire Tower, Inc  is a 501(c)3 organization that is registered with the NYS Bureau of Charities. The Board of Directors coordinate with the NYS DEC, NYS Police, Paul Smith’s Aquatic Watershed Institute (AWI) and other  organizations to further the process of restoring and maintaining the fire tower in addition to developing an educational  and interpretive program.

Doug Fitzgerald Co-chair NYSDEC, OPS (Retired)
David Petrelli Co-chair NYS, Dept. of Education
Nancy LaBombard Treasurer ANCA (semi-retired)
Janelle Hoh Education Paul Smith’s College, AWI
Rich LaBombard Operations Sunmount (Retired)
Scottie Adams (past Secretary/Treasurer) Trudeau Institute (Retired)
Jack Burke Member Paul Smith’s College, CFO   (Retired)
Bob Brand Member Dentist (Retired)
Ed Hixson Member Surgeon (Retired), St. Regis Property Owners Assn.

Past Board of Directors

Bob Marrone (past Operations) NYSDEC, Forest Ranger (Retired)

The following personnel have been active in the restoration of the tower. 

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC)

Robert Stegemann DEC Regional Director
Tom Martin DEC Natural Resouce Supervisor
Rob Daley DEC Supervising Forester
Jeff Balerno DEC Ranger
Greg Bowler DEC Asst. Ranger
Carie Brazie DEC Back Country Steward
Kevin Burns DEC Ranger
Tom Edmunds DEC Ranger
Jesse Fitzgerald DEC Operations
Steve Guglielmi DEC Forester
Keith Hollenbeck DEC Asst. Ranger
Phil Johnstone DEC Operations, Retired
JP Kavanagh DEC Operations
Dan Levy DEC Forester
Bob Marrone DEC Ranger, Retired
Megan McCone DEC Ranger
Chuck Porter DEC Operations
Chuck Vandrei DEC Historic Officer

Paul Smith’s College Adirondack Watershed Institute (AWI)

Eric Holmlund AWI Supervisor
Jonathon Nielsen AWI Supervisor
Eric Paul AWI Supervisor
Matt Simpson AWI Supervisor
Kathleen Wiley AWI Supervisor
Janelle Hoh AWI Supervisor, Summit Steward
Sarah Bracy AWI Summit Steward
Katie Burnham AWI Summit Steward
Carly Haralson AWI Summit Steward
Lauren Henderson AWI Summit Steward
Ian McGuire AWI Summit Steward
Elisa McIntosh AWI Summit Steward
Patrick Mullen-Mechtly AWI Summit Steward
Jordon Spordone AWI Summit Steward

Student Conservation Association (SCA)

Cari Lee SCA Volunteer
Carol Hillman Van Dyke SCA Volunteer
Jared Hinken SCA Volunteer
Kadie Mercier SCA Volunteer
Jenna Moen SCA Volunteer
Noah Pasqua-Godkin SCA Volunteer
Maxwell Phinney SCA Supervisor
Leah Rudge SCA Volunteer
Emily Snider SCA Volunteer

New York State Police

Pat Hogan NYS Police Helicopter Crew
Scott Osebeck NYS Police Helicopter Crew
Steve Jacobs NYS Police Helicopter Crew
Rob Jahn NYS Police Helicopter Crew

Friends of St. Regis Mountain Fire Tower (FOSRMFT)

Scottie Adams FOSRMFT Volunteer
Rick Betty FOSRMFT Volunteer
Bob Brand FOSRMFT Summit Steward
Barbara Buckhout FOSRMFT Volunteer
Jack Burke FOSRMFT Volunteer
Brendan Carberry FOSRMFT Volunteer
Craig Catalano FOSRMFT Volunteer
Heather Daly FOSRMFT Volunteer
Sheila Delarm FOSRMFT Volunteer
Debbie Dragoon FOSRMFT Volunteer
Scott Dragoon FOSRMFT Volunteer
Doug Fitzgerald FOSRMFT Volunteer
John Fitzgerald FOSRMFT Volunteer
Dick Grebe FOSRMFT Volunteer
Mary Grose FOSRMFT Volunteer
Paul Hartmann FOSRMFT Volunteer
Hunter Hintenlang FOSRMFT Volunteer
Tom Hirshblond FOSRMFT Summit Steward
Ed Hixson FOSRMFT Volunteer
Janelle Hoh FOSRMFT Volunteer
Graham Holmes FOSRMFT Summit Steward
Jen Johnson FOSRMFT Volunteer
Leo Kelly FOSRMFT Volunteer
Leo Kelly FOSRMFT Volunteer
Sharon Kemp FOSRMFT Volunteer
Mark Kurtz FOSRMFT Volunteer
Rich LaBombard FOSRMFT Volunteer
Nancy LaBombard FOSRMFT Volunteer
John LaHart FOSRMFT Volunteer
Bob Marrone FOSRMFT Volunteer
Brian McDonnell FOSRMFT Volunteer
Carla Morse FOSRMFT Volunteer
Arnie Nidecker FOSRMFT Volunteer
Robert Norton FOSRMFT Volunteer
David Petrelli FOSRMFT Volunteer
Eryn Petrelli FOSRMFT Volunteer
Marcia Pickering FOSRMFT Volunteer
Marty Podskoch FOSRMFT Volunteer
Dale Pondysh FOSRMFT Volunteer
Judy Rush FOSRMFT Volunteer
Sebastian Seubert FOSRMFT Volunteer
Bill Starr FOSRMFT Volunteer
Dan Stec FOSRMFT Volunteer
Jackie Sullivan FOSRMFT Volunteer
Jay Swarz FOSRMFT Volunteer
Sandy Trevor FOSRMFT Volunteer
Carol VanDyke FOSRMFT Volunteer
Marc Wanner FOSRMFT Volunteer
Robert Woods FOSRMFT Volunteer


David Vana Davana LLC Roof Replacement
Jeff Couture Davana LLC Roof Replacement
Sean Connin Davana LLC Roof Replacement
Greg Moore Kishmish Outreach Web Site Design
Mark Kurtz Mark Kurtz Photography Interpretive Panels
Michael Vilegi Cross braces
Pat Lawrence Pat’s Welding Cross braces
Mike Stender Stender Masonry Footers

Other Supporters

Steven Englehart AARCH Director
Virginia Siskavitch AARCH Staff
Michelle Drozd AARCH Staff
Justin Levine Adk Daily Enterprise Reporter
Shaun Kittle Adk Daily Enterprise Reporter
Mike Lynch Adirondack Explorer Reporter
Laurie Rankin FFLA – NY Director
Amy Catania Historic Saranac Lake Director
Chessie Monks Historic Saranac Lake Staff
Brian McAllister Paul Smith’s College Ornithologist
Kathleen Keck Paul Smith’s College Administration
Mary McLean Paul Smith’s College Administration
Ray Agnew Paul Smith’s College Administration


Cloudsplitter Foundation


Blue Line Sports Shop

Coakley’s Home and Hardware

Jeffords Steel

Lake Clear Lodge

Pat’s Welding

Local and State  Government Support

Senator Betty Little

Assemblyman Billy Jones

Town of Santa Clara

Town of Brighton