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Doug Fitzgerald photo


Trail Day

06-04-15 Update

If you want to be involved in the whole sixer program then be at Berkeley Green in downtown Saranac lake at 7:30  AM.  If you just want to get to work on the St. Regis project,  plan on being at St. Regis Mt by 8:30   AM.  Park in the parking lot at the Keese Mill dam.  Bring  water and work gloves.   The DEC says they will provide tools and all work should be done by noon. If you come later, the work site is 0.4 mile up the trail.   Please email  asap  to let us know if you are coming directly to the mountain so the DEC can allocate resources as needed.



Here’s a great way to help out with the trail to St Regis Mountain Fire Tower: “Participate in Trail Day for St Regis Mt. Please sign up in advance to help the DEC utilize volunteer help most efficiently. To sign up, Email <> and let them know you are coming and you specifically want to work on St Regis Mt. Meet at 8 AM, Saturday, June 6 at Berkeley Green in downtown Saranac Lake for general instructions for the day. Stay tuned for more detailed information on the projects planned and specific times and locations.”


The trail work being proposed is as follows;

Saint Regis Mountain Trail

This project will address a problem where hikers are using multiple routes to go through a muddy and wet area. It will involve building 30 feet of bog bridging. Volunteers will need to carry lumber and tools about 0.4 miles. Multiple trips from the road to the work site will probably be needed. Sills for the bog bridging will be dug into the ground and decking will need to be nailed into the sills.


Pressure treated lumber: 12- 4×6 (cut to 4’ lengths)

8- 2×10 at 10’

Hardware:                             4”, 6”, and 10” spikes

Tools: hammers, mattock, shovels, hoes

Number of volunteers: 6-10