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From Tower Steward Patrick:

“Trail conditions were wet, with a noticeable amount of washout and standing water.”

7/6/19: Our summit stewards have reached over 270 hikers on the summit this year! Over the last two days, steward Patrick reported that trail conditions are not bad, but there are muddy sections and mosquitoes. Remember to pack your bug dope and to walk through muddy sections to avoid widening the trail.


6/6/2019  trail report and current trail condition pictures from our Friend Randy: It’s pretty muddy out there, as you can see by the pictures. Remember to walk through the mud, not around it, to prevent trail erosion. There were more bugs than people out on Thursday. The cab of the tower provided some relief from the bugs, though. Despite the bugs, the views were spectacular!

Be sure to pack bug dope and lots of sunscreen this weekend– the weather is going to be beautiful.

May 26, 2019:
Happy Memorial Day Weekend, everyone! Thanks to our volunteers Randy and Bobbie, our stewarding season officially began Saturday, May 25th. Randy and Bobbie spoke with a total of 46 visitors from all over the world, from Syracuse to Ottawa to Brooklyn to Ireland!

5.5.19 from board member Doug:

Trail Report – The lower portion of the trail is damp, but in good condition. The upper part of the trail is still wet with small areas of snow near the summit.

March 27, 2019 — From our Friend Anne B.

“Gorgeous day. Trail was in good condition, spikes for sure.
Lots of deep post holes along trail though.”

Postholing is not only energy consuming for the hiker, but it
creates dangerous conditions for those hiking after. These
deep holes can lead to serious leg injuries. Please be cautious
when hiking in these conditions.


January 12, 2019 from board member Janelle Hoh — with Heather Coleates:

It’s a winter wonderland from mile 0.0 to 3.3 on St. Regis Mountain! The trail was broken almost all the way to the summit and two hardy Friends broke out the rest of the trail. Snowshoes are recommended since the snow was knee deep toward the summit. There was some blowdown along the trail from Keese Mills but nothing that created a serious roadblock. The temperature was barely above 0 degrees but no winds and spectacular views made for an amazing trip.