9.5.2020: Board members Bob and Janelle participated in the Seventh Annual Lighting of NYS Fire Towers, the 4th year for St Regis Fire Tower and the third year for Bob and Janelle! Our reputation has grown pretty well over these past few years and this year we were joined by four new friends on the summit Mark Boyce, Dawn, Kelly and Laura! There was some wild weather but we all had a grand time. It rained. It was sunny. There was something different happening in every direction. Janelle and Mark supplied the wonderful photos seen here.

Meanwhile, Board members Nancy, Ed and Rich enjoyed a meal at the Lake Clear Lodge along with many other friends in a very safe environment. Then we all walked down to the lake to witness a spectacular lighting of the tower!

The lighting event started in the Catskills and has spread to other towers around New York. In their heyday, fire towers and their observers kept watchful eyes over the land, spotting fires in early detection efforts. The lights from this event served as a reminder for those who looked up and saw a glowing tower, and of the people and towers who looked over communities for the better part of the 1900s.

Mark also posted this video on Facebook