The Mountain

  • St. Regis Mountain use is significant, with over 5,000 people climbing this mountain every year.
  • St. Regis Mountain Fire Tower is part of the The St. Regis Canoe Area and is located in the Towns of Santa Clara, Brighton and Harrietstown. The area is bounded on the south by the railroad tracks of the Remsen-Lake Placid Travel Corridor and on the north by private land. Access to the canoe area is available from the south and east from Route 30 and the Floodwood Road. The Canoe Area is part of a large network of recreational waterways in New York that attracts canoeists and kayakers from around the country and Canada. The St. Regis Canoe Area is the only designated canoe area in New York State. It includes St. Regis Mountain, St. Regis and Long Ponds, portions of the East and West Branches of the St. Regis River and fifty-six other water bodies including Little Clear Pond, Green Pond and Little Long Pond.

The Tower

  • St. Regis Mountain Fire Tower was the longest active fire observation station in New York State, operating from April 1910 through 1990, a total of 81 years.
  • The current St. Regis Mountain Fire Tower was erected in 1918 by the NYS Conservation Commission.
  • The Tower is a 35 foot steel structure manufactured by the Aermotor Company of Chicago, IL.
  • A panoramic summit view is available from the tower’s cab. On a clear day the Azure fire tower (12.5 miles away) and Loon Lake fire tower (14 miles away) can be seen in the distance without the need for binoculars. The summits of two mountains that used to have fire towers, Debar (15 miles away) and Ampersand (13.5 miles away), can also be clearly seen, as can the castle on Whiteface Mountain and the ski jumps from the 1980 Olympic Games. Many ponds and lakes that one can see include Meacham Lake, Lake Clear, Upper and Lower St. Regis Lakes, Cranberry Lake, Tupper Lake, the Saranac Chain of lakes and Lake Placid. Almost all of the High Peaks of the Adirondacks can be seen with the naked eye with the exception of some of the southern most summits.
  • Tower coordinates are: 44 deg. 24.52′ N & 74 deg. 19.78′ W
  • The tower was closed to the public in 1990.
  • The tower re-opened for public use on September 1, 2016.

The former Observers Cabin site coordinates are: 44 deg. 24.86′ N & 74 deg. 18.88′ W