Both routes up St Regis Mountain and boat launches

Directions: One can launch a canoe or a small motor boat at the Upper St. Regis boat launch off route 30; or launch a canoe at the Paul Smith’s College launch site. See campus security for parking directions. The trail head is in Spring Bay of the Upper St Regis Lake. There is a small dock and a DEC sign at the trail head. Please be sure your canoe or boat is secured and out of the way of other hikers/paddlers.

The dock is in the lower right hand corner.









Below are some signs on the lake trail. The first 2 are near the trail head/lake. The third marks a “fork” in the trail, about 1/2 way from the lake to the intersection with the main Keese Mill trail. Going right takes you to private land.

At the start. The “locals” call this the Judy Cameron Memorial Trail.
Near start; at bottom of steep section.
about 1/2 way from the lake to the intersection with the main Keese Mill trail









See Garmin Adventure – route via lake – and here for the weather on the mountain.

The trail starts off relatively steep then flattens out nicely. It follows Spectacle Pond on the right. After a mile, it connects with the trail from the Keese Mill Road. From here the trail maintains a moderate grade until the last .3 mile where some steep sections are encountered, but nothing too difficult and no challenging scrambles. The trail is in great shape, and in some places has well maintained stone steps and other helping features.