The Friends of St Regis Fire Tower celebrated the tower’s 100th birthday on Sunday August 5, 2018 and it was a wonderful centennial celebration. The Friends group along with several other organizations  have worked cooperatively and tirelessly over the last several years to restore the tower. It was opened to the public on Sept 1, 2016 after being closed for 16 years. And with the tower’s anniversary – we partied!!!

We need to thank many people. Number one is the wonderful Lake Clear Lodge and Resort. They hosted the party at their beautiful facility (with one of the best views of OUR tower), served up their great food and famous brews,  and have been great supporters of the tower and our efforts. The Lodge will also be hosting a “Lighting of the Tower” party on Sept 1, 2018.

Many thanks to our guest speakers:

  • Ernest Hohmeyer of Lake Clear Lodge who welcomed guests and spoke of the legend of the Sleeping Lady (St Regis Mountain)
  • Assemblyman Billy Jones
  • Tom Martin, DEC Region 5 Supervisor of Natural Resources
  • Julie Harjung, DEC Forest Ranger
  • Joe Rupp, DEC Forest Ranger (retired)
  • Laurie Rankin, Director NY FFLA
  • The Birch Boys Band who offered up some incredible music
  • The many guests who attended to show their support

One last note: the party is over but the work is not! We are currently working on replacing the cross braces, need to paint, stabilize the footings, maintain what was accomplished a few years ago – and, and, and…………
You can help:
Be a tower steward
Volunteer for a number of jobs